The Radio Essays Are Coming Together…Our Second Workshop!

By Beth Patel, Assistant Facilitator

This week proved to be more challenging than our first workshop, but we know that our hard work will pay off with great radio essays!

Yowei reviewing the agenda for this week's workshop

We started off with a warm-up that got us up and moving and, more importantly, learning more about each other.

Getting to know one another even better

While catching our breath, we then sat down and shared with one another (and the mic!) a 30-second story about a lesson we learned this week. The goal was to frame the story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Cristel sharing her lesson of the week

This exercise really showed us that it’s hard to improvise while being recorded. The youth now know how important their radio essay scripts will be.

Shayla sharing some wisdom

Feeling more comfortable with our voices

Luis dropping some knowledge on us

I know that as soon as I shared my story, a million thoughts popped into my head about how I could have made it better with more preparation. This was a common feeling around the circle, so everyone was motivated to work hard on their scripts.

The next step was getting down to business… serious business! We listened to radio essays ranging from Youth Radio to RadioLab. From these samples we examined different structures, thesis statements and how the commentators supported their arguments. With radio lingo, scenes, and sounds swimming in our brains, we moved as a group to AAI’s media lab where the real work began.

While the youth concentrated on writing their rough drafts at computers, William, Yowei and I circulated the room and bounced ideas around.

William and Shayla

This is where all of our discussions and review of radio lingo really began to solidify into something tangible.

Cristel and Beth

At the end of this process (and it was a long one!) the youth presented their latest essays at an editorial meeting for constructive criticism. All the essays are works-in-progress so we kept each other motivated with positive feedback as well.

The youth giving Beth feedback on the blog

So goes another successful workshop. Stay tuned for bios of all of the youth (and staff) very soon!


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