And Finally, The Youth Record!

By Beth Patel, Assistant Facilitator

Get ready for the most exciting blog post this side of youth radio. Yes, we finally made it into the recording studio.

As we all gathered at WHYY, we were welcomed by Craig Santoro, Director of Media Instruction at the Hamilton Public Media Commons. Of course, our friend and radio coach Bruce Schimmel joined us. Elisabeth Perez Luna was our final guest teacher, who even stuck it out through our sappy shout-outs at the end of the day.

To get to know everyone a bit better, we played some of our favorite ice breakers and then got down to business.

Taking in some solid advice

We went over important things we learned about our radio voices, such as trying not to pop your p’s, breathing, and emphasizing certain words.

Most important tip: have fun!

As we prepared to enter the studios and start recording, the experienced radio makers in the room gave their final words of advice.

But now for the best part… Recording!

WHYY mic

The youth quickly discovered the difference between practicing amongst ourselves and having just the mic in front of you.

Craig prepping Thien for her radio debut

Luckily, we had our resident experts, Elisabeth, Craig, and Bruce, who offered encouraging words and suggestions.

Thien recording her radio essay

Each youth had time to record. At times it was pretty stressful, Crystal was able to shake out her nerves with a quick dance session before… though we unfortunately have no visual footage of that!

Cristel and Yowei getting ready to record

Besides having to do some physical exercises to combat nerves, we also learned that sometimes it’s better to just get the whole thing out… and then record again – the second time with more focus, confidence, and emotion.

Luis doing his thing

It was a long day at WHYY, but a productive one. As a final treat for the hard work, we had some pizza and soda after recording. We gave each other some final shout-outs for the day and Elisabeth kindly participated. Impressed with the quality of writing and commitment of the youth, she congratulated them on being so bold and creative.

Now, for production and a listening session! And possibly more tweaking and recording… Stay tuned for the final essays and more!


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