From One Draft To The Next: Individual Editing Sessions

By Beth Patel, Assistant Facilitator

It was long. It was frustrating. It was fun… sometimes.

Before we could get our hands on the mic at WHYY we needed to make sure that our radio essays were perfect.  So that’s why we spent hours upon hours editing. Most of our editing happened in the media lab at the Asian Arts Initiative, but sometimes, we changed it up. Thien spent a grueling three hours in a frozen yogurt shop with Yowei, Bruce and myself. And two days before WHYY, the whole gang went to Bruce’s house for four hours of revising. Every word – its sound and structure – was given consideration to make the stories as tight as possible.

In addition to multiple revisions with Yowei, William, and myself, all of the youth got one-on-one time with Bruce, whose experience and expertise in radio really helped guide us.

Shayla and Bruce in editing mode

As much as the youth probably tired of this process, I can say with confidence that it is what made their radio essays so strong when we finally got into the studios.

With most of the essays in their 5th or even 7th draft, we were finally ready to record on Friday! Stay tuned for the most exciting part! The studio!


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