Final Revising, Recording… and a Premiere!

How many edits does an essay need to go through to be a Philly Youth Radio Project essay?

At this point, we may have lost count!

Even the "final" essay was covered with tiny revisions when we got through tracking!

This past week, Philly Youth Radio Project reunited to listen to the first person essays recorded at WHYY, have a group critique, edit some more, and record for a second and final time. Our friend and guest radio coach, Bruce Schimmel, hosted the final sessions at his home recording studio where everyone gave an awesome read.

Bruce setting the mic up for Shayla

…and finally! The premiere of Philly Youth Radio Project’s essays will take place at Asian Arts Initiative’s Youth Lounge Showcase this Saturday, June 11th, 3-5pm at the Asian Arts Initiative (1219 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 19107). 

Come drop by to listen to the essays, eat some snacks, check out art made by other youth, and meet the youth radio apprentices and staff!



One response to “Final Revising, Recording… and a Premiere!

  1. Honestly, after all the experience, I’m still afraid of radio!

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