Back on Track and Ready for Another Challenge

It’s official: Philly Youth Radio has kicked off its second project, with a batch of new and returning youth radio apprentices!

A veteran from Philly Youth Radio

This year, our theme focuses on sanctuaries, the places where you go to recharge and feel safe.

As always, we started things with a deep discussion – only we weren’t allowed to talk, just write.

An intense writing discussion on sanctuaries

Shayla writes about threats to a sanctuary

Then, we spent a good hour hashing through the basics of radio storytelling and put our knowledge to the test after listening to some examples.

"Focus on the focus statement!"

Finally, we worked on our own stories and pitched them to Bruce Schimmel and WHYY’s Jeanette Woods, who did a good job at playing hard-nosed editors!

Shayla pitches her story to Jeanette

Aaliyah listens intently to her peer's story pitch

Other students were also able to give constructive criticism on stories – an important step, since we know how truly collaborative radio-making is.

So what’s next after story pitching? Interviewing and gathering sound! More updates on our progress to come.


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