Practice with Interviews!

By Beth Patel

Yesterday we had our fourth workshop at AAI. Our goal was to get all our youth radio apprentices ready to record their own interviews! We started off with Yowei behind the mic interviewing each student about her sanctuary. This gave students a taste for what it feels like to be interviewed and observe Yowei offering probing follow-up questions. Thanks to all of the students for sharing some personal stories with the group.

Naseem on mic with Yowei!

Cavana discussing her outdoor sanctuary

Thien sharing a laugh with Yowei

Aaliyah boldly talking about the safe spaces in her life

After this exercise the students had a new found appreciation for the interviewing skills we reviewed in the previous workshop. Our next step was to finalize their interview questions in group discussions.

Shayla and Beth in group discussion

Naseem and Shayla giving feedback on the interviews

Finally, Shayla, Aaliyah, and Naseem went home with recording equipment! This is the first time PYR has been able to lend out equipment, so we are all excited to hear what comes back.

Next step… logging tape and beginning the script writing process. Stay tuned!



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