The big reveal: Our students came back with their first tape!

By Beth Patel

Yesterday’s workshop was a first for PYR. We have never before lent out equipment to students and this was our first time hearing the results of their field reporting. We must say, we were very impressed!

Before we could check out everyone’s audio, we listened to examples of good tape vs. bad tape and voted.

What do you think? Good tape or bad tape?

Shayla has deemed the audio... and herself... Good!

Again, we had some experts in the room to help us out, provide feedback, and generally support Philly Youth Radio! As always, we think this is awesome.

Jeanette Woods, the Community Media Editor for NewsWorks and WHYY, consistently shows her support and audio wisdom.

That's Elisabeth Perez-Luna, WHYY's Executive Producer of Audio Content, in the background.

Our resident (and most devoted) expert, Yowei, teaching a lesson about logging tape.

Finally, we listened to the tape recorded by Shayla, Aaliyah, and Nyseem. Each took a very different approach to the freedom of having their own recording equipment. We learned how to log tape and each student started to log their interviews. We know this process is tedious, so Yowei, Bruce, Jeanette, and myself stood at attention ready to help.

Catching Aaliyah with a smile!

The students are keeping their equipment for another few days to finish gathering sound elements and interviews. So for the next workshop, we’ll be listening to more tape and starting to write our scripts. Until then check in for more PYR news!


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