An Introduction to Script-Writing

By Beth Patel

Yesterday’s workshop was a whirlwind! Our goal was to begin the script-writing process, now that each student had their tape logs from last week’s interviews. As always, we began with an icebreaker and then did a quick exercise involving weaving interview clips through narration. A story produced by Blunt Youth Radio was broken down into clips, sound effects, and narration. Our students rearranged the parts into what they believed to be the best version of the story.

Discussion over which clip belongs where.

In the end, we listened to the story, compared our placement of the clips as opposed to the producer’s, and critiqued the story.

Next on the agenda: script-writing 101!

Yowei teaching a lesson on script-writing.

We reviewed how to write for radio – using concise sentences, moving forward in time, and many more helpful tips.

Beth furiously logging tape during the script-writing lesson.

Jeanette Woods offering her script-writing tips.

A captive audience during the lesson.

After the lesson, each student worked with an adult to select the best clips from their tape logs and arrange them in a logical order for their scripts. As homework, each student will bring back the introduction of his or her story. We can’t wait to see what they come up with… Let the writing begin!


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