Script-Writing Central!

By Beth Patel

This past workshop was filled with new faces. Lots of radio experts came out and worked with the students on their scripts. Along with our regular experts, Jeanette and Bruce, we had two new guests from the Association of Independents in Radio. Gregory Warner from WHYY also stopped by. There were more adults in the room than students for a change! We really valued the expertise and advice they offered the students as they embarked on their script writing.

Everyone gathered around for an icebreaker.

After our icebreaker, we listened to a piece by Luis Lopez from last season of PYR. We used Luis’ piece to review elements of structure for radio essays.

Next, adults paired up with students to work on the first draft of their scripts. Equipped with their tape logs, story outlines, and guest editors, the students had a successful script-writing session.

Shayla and Erin hard at work!

This workshop illustrated the collaborative process that we value in PYR. Each student was able to dialogue with several adults while writing and work independently on their stories as well.

Thanks again to all the experts who stopped by! Scripts are well on their way to being drafted and we look forward to what the students bring back next week.

Stay tuned!


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