Behind the Scenes, Script-Writing

By Beth Patel

At yesterday’s workshop, the slow, painful process of script-writing continued. Some students brought in essays that they had worked on during the week. Each of them worked with an adult, who helped edit the stories and gave suggestions.

It's hard work, we know. But Thien was pushing through.

Aaliyah getting ready to work one-on-one with Bruce.

When we weren’t working on scripts, we reviewed some upcoming deadlines. Soon we’ll be tracking at WHYY and at Bruce’s studio.

Yowei reviewing upcoming deadlines. It's crunch time!

Everyone else realizing that it is indeed crunch time.

You might have noticed that handsome videographer in the background of some recent photos. That’s Aidan Un. He’s kindly agreed to help us make a promotional video for Philly Youth Radio! Like a fly on the wall, he’s been gathering footage of our workshops. We’re all excited to see what he comes up with.

Meet Aidan Un! Resident videographer.

One of the important people missing from these pictures is Bruce Schimmel. He’s been one of our most helpful and consistent resident experts. He is also our photographer! So thanks Bruce and Aidan for helping us document our work so beautifully!

The crew, minus a few important characters. Winding down for the day.

Yowei and I will be having one-on-one editing sessions with each student before next week’s workshop. We wish the students luck with editing their scripts over the next week! We just have to push through.


One response to “Behind the Scenes, Script-Writing

  1. In all those picture:
    prettiest: Beth
    cutest: Yowei
    Biggest smile: Aidan
    Most thoughtful: Nyseem (is it correct?)
    Most unique: Asliyah
    Weirdest: me!
    Best photographer: Bruce.

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