Script Writing Again? You Guessed It…

By Beth Patel

Yesterday we had a VERY productive workshop. All of our students have nearly or totally completed their scripts! This is huge! We are so proud of each and every one of our youth radio apprentices for working hard during the week. Yesterday, experts circulated from student to student to edit each piece. This meant a lot of reading and re-reading aloud, which was noisy.

Thien and I editing her script about her sanctuary.

Thien and I editing her script about her sanctuary.

Kim, a resident expert, and Nyseem hard at work.

Cavhanah and Jeanette making tons of progress.

With all the scripts on their way to being completed, we reviewed tips on voicing. Breathing, tone and pacing were just a few of the key concepts that we went over to ensure that tracking goes smoothly at WHYY.

Thien demonstrating her best radio voice.

Next week we’ll all be meeting at WHYY to begin recording. Each student’s homework is to practice, practice, practice reading and re-reading their scripts. We want to make the most of our valuable recording time! Thanks for keeping up with Philly Youth Radio! Check out the blog next week and we’ll have some awesome pictures from our first tracking session.


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