Tracking at WHYY

By Beth Patel

This past Thursday, Philly Youth Radio was graciously hosted by WHYY. After a week of rehearsing scripts and some last minute editing, our youth radio apprentices were ready to take the plunge into the recording studio! Everyone quickly discovered that tracking in a professionally engineered studio is much different from practicing in front of a peer. However, Nyseem, Thien, and Cahvanah handled it like seasoned pros (of course, Thien is a veteran from last season of PYR)!

We began with a review of voicing techniques. Then, each student had their time in the studio.  Meanwhile, Shayla worked with Elisabeth Perez-Luna, an award winning journalist at WHYY.

Shayla and Elisabeth in heated discussion about editing.

So as not to intimidate the students who were recording their pieces, we have fewer pictures in this blog post.  Each student had enough on their plate! But at the end of the day we did have time for something really important- a group photo!

The whole gang!

Of course, we had to let out some of the wiggles that built up in studio.

Funny Faces!

In a few days we’ll be working at Bruce’s in-home studio.  We’ll be doing more tracking to get all the cuts we need for the final pieces. Next steps include a workshop on audio editing and eating pizza to celebrate the beginning of the end of this Philly Youth Radio season!


One response to “Tracking at WHYY

  1. So proud of all of you!

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