The Beginning of the End

By Beth Patel

Wow! It seems like ages since the last time we were at WHYY. This week has been a busy one for all of us at Philly Youth Radio. We had two workshops back-to-back!

On Thursday, we gathered at Bruce’s to track in his beautiful home studio. Even though his new cat can be a bit distracting in the studio (meeoowww!), we ended up with some great work. Jeanette and I worked with Shayla on some final script edits, while Cavhanah, Yowei, and Bruce worked in the studio. Then in the last half hour, Shayla had her turn to track and impressed Bruce and Yowei with the total transformation of her story. Finally, after the students left, Yowei, Bruce and I did some tracking of our own for the promotional video that will be debuting soon (so keep an eye out!).  After helping to coach our students on voicing, I had forgotten that it’s actually quite tedious! I gained a new-found appreciation for all the hard work our students have been doing.

On Friday, we had our FINAL workshop at WHYY. Of course, there was celebratory pizza.

So many choices! Thanks, Jeanette!

Then we gathered around for a quick tutorial on Protools, led by Henry from WHYY. A workshop on audio editing is a first for PYR, but it turns out that our students are naturals.

A quick lesson on ProTools.

Thanks, Henry!

Each student worked with an adult on selecting his or her best cuts.  These selections will be mixed together with the audio that students recorded on their own (remember that way back when?).

Finally, we wrapped things up… for the last time. But first, we had a very important announcement to make. We are so excited to announce that PhillyCAM (699 Ranstead St. 19106) will be hosting Philly Youth Radio’s final showcase!

Invites to the showcase!

On April 17th, 6-8pm, everyone is welcome to an evening of audio and visual stories to be coupled with a healthy dose of discussion and celebration! Save the date! Don’t worry, you’ll be reminded on Facebook about the event.

And so, it truly is the beginning of the end. We’ll be working hard to get everything ready for the showcase in April, so we hope to see you all there!


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  1. Shout out for whoever took the first photo, I’m setting it as my facebook cover. Soooo high fashion! 😀

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