Our Second Showcase!

By Beth Patel

Friends of Philly Youth Radio, thanks to all your support and enthusiasm, our final showcase at PhillyCAM was a success! The audience was packed, our audio pieces were well received and no one did anything embarrassing on camera! We’ll be letting you know when the show will air on PhillyCAM (Comcast 66/966 & Verizon 29/30). Bas Slabbers provided us with some great pictures from the event.

Shayla doing Thien's make-up for our big on-camera debut! Erin, a resident radio expert, observes.

Our students all showed up on time and got ready together. To my surprise, none of them were nervous to be on camera- they were giving me tips on how to keep my cool!

Nyseem Smith, Thien To, Cavhanah Baht T'om, and Shayla Torres chit-chatting before the show began.

The control room at PhillyCAM. Antoine Haywood was our director. He did an awesome job.

Antoine Haywood and the PhillyCAM crew were awesome. They really made all of this possible for us. They worked with us for hours before the event making sure everything was in order. Look at all those buttons- TV is complicated!

Yowei and I introduced Philly Youth Radio to the audience. We tried to make some jokes, and luckily, the crowd laughed.

We kicked off the night by debuting our first ever Philly Youth Radio video, produced by our friend Aidan Un. Tell us what you think!

(Philly Youth Radio from aidan un on Vimeo.)

The evening continued with the premiere of our teen sanctuary stories. Soon, we’ll be posting them online, so stay tuned!

Then, we held a panel discussion with our students so the audience could get the inside scoop on the production process.

Our youth radio apprentices answering some tough questions.

Thien and Nyseem providing some brilliant responses!

The crew getting a round of applause for their successful videos and insightful discussion.

Bruce Schimmel, our floor manager, and Aidan Un, our ever faithful helper.

Bruce volunteered to be our Floor Manager- another tough job. He made sure that Yowei and I were constantly clued in on the timing and filming. Aidan made sure the audience clapped when appropriate. Since the event was being recorded for television, everything had to be just right! Thanks to all of our volunteers, the taping went relatively smoothly for a first try.  However, our biggest thank you goes to our awesome students.

Our students giving themselves a well deserved round of applause for all their hard work! Great job guys!

They presented their stories to a big audience, carried themselves in a professional manner and generally impressed all of us with their star potential! We’re so proud of them.

After the event, we all celebrated with food and refreshments in the lobby.

Erin congratulating Shayla on the completion of her second year of Philly Youth Radio.

Overall, we had a successful evening! Thank you to all of those who attended and those who could not come but have supported us along the way. Up next, we’ll be sharing our audio stories with our online community and we’ll be keeping you posted on when you can watch the event on PhillyCAM!


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