PYR at Philly STAKE

Dear Friends and Supporters of Philly Youth Radio,

We are excited to say that we have been selected to present our project at the next Philly STAKE dinner on Sunday, June 24th, 5-8pm at Bartrum’s Garden (54th and Lindbergh Blvd).

Philly STAKE is a locally sourced, recurring dinner in which money is raised for creative & relevant community engaged projects. We will be among seven groups giving 3-minute pitches for our projects to diners, who will then vote on which project to fund.

We are hoping to raise money at this dinner for our third season of Philly Youth Radio, which will take place this fall and focus on the theme of love and relationships. (I know – exciting right?)

Please purchase tickets and come out for a delicious meal and support Philly Youth Radio! We are planning on giving the other groups a run for their money. You can get tickets here and check out the project proposals here.

Hope to see you all there!

Yowei & Beth


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