“Youth Radio 101” at the AMC 2012

By Beth Patel

Yowei and I returned from Detroit a little more than a week ago, though it seems like our weekend there was just yesterday! We were representing Philly Youth Radio at this year’s Allied Media Conference (AMC). The AMC, now in its 14th year, brings together artists, technologists, educators, activists and others for the goal of developing “media strategies for a more just and creative world”. It’s what the Huffington Post calls “as much an experiment in social organizing as it is a conference on media and technology.”  Well, we thought the AMC could use a little taste of Youth Radio served up Philly style! Thanks to the support of the Prometheus Radio Project and the rest of the organizing members of the Community Radio Track, Yowei and I were able to host a workshop titled “Youth Radio 101”.

We had participants from New Orleans, Hudson, NY, California, and even some students from Philly. We started off by explaining what youth radio is and its impact on the community, students, teachers, and media at large.

We then launched into a full tutorial on interviewing. Through a series of role-playing exercises (the participants got to ask me all kinds of questions!), our key tips to interviewing were presented.  We also had all the participants interview one another on questions regarding their participation with media, such as: Who would you interview (living or dead) and what would you ask them? Describe a time the media got it wrong, what would you have done differently? and What was the first time you participated in making media?

Finally, we ended the workshop with a mini-lesson on how to teach youth radio. We shared many of the resources that we found helpful during our formative year and took questions from the participants.

The next day, Yowei mixed the audio collected during the interview portion of the workshop and put together some awesome sound bites. These were broadcast over AMC’s Really Rad Radio during our hour-long show, where we also played our student’s work from our last two projects.

Thanks to all the organizers of the AMC and participants. We walked away feeling inspired and with a lot of new connections and friends.

One final note/reminder: please remember to check out our Indiegogo campaign. If you can’t donate, please share with your friends and family. We need your support to continue our work. Thanks!


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