A Message from PYR to You!

By Beth Patel

Usually this blog is your source for updates on PYR news. I post pictures and share media from our most recent events. However, I want to focus on something a little different from our previous blog posts. Instead of our usual updates, I want to ask the question, “So, why is youth media important, anyway?”

One answer that comes to many minds is the chance to provide young people with the skills and training they need to succeed in this new information economy.  And this is valid. Yes, we want young people to succeed. We want to see them with job skills. However, I see the importance of youth media as much bigger.

Youth media is a means to a much larger end. It’s a means for young people to learn about self-exploration and identity. It’s a tool for critical thinking and community engagement. For a young person, an opportunity to participate in youth media is a means to share what they think about issues in their community.  It’s a platform to participate in media at large- which generally excludes the voices of young people. When you were a teenager, did you ever wish you could share your story? That desire for self-expression is in all of us. Youth media is a means to share.

PYR needs your support to continue our work in the world of youth media. We care about our students and want to give them the best youth radio experience we can, which we can only do with your help. Please share our Indiegogo Campaign with your friends and networks. Give what you can- every little bit helps.


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