Creative juices flowing in workshop #2

By Matthew Graber

For our second workshop, some students came with story ideas in hand, eager to share their tales of love and relationships. Other students developed stories over the course of the workshop, responding to prompts and developing narratives rich with colorful characters and soundscapes drawn from their lives as teenagers living in Philly.

First, students contributed ideas for story prompts: “Is there such a thing as true love?” “Love advice 101” “My heart skipped a beat when…” “Broken hearted” And dozens of other stimulating ideas to respond to.


Then, students chose their favorite prompts and elaborated on why they liked them.

Finally, students and teachers collaborated together, working in small groups to develop story ideas – complete with focus statements, goals, conflicts, stakes, sound elements, and possible resolutions.

And have these young people got stories for us all!

Stay tuned to hear them… Next week, we’ll be covering the difficult art of interviewing and preparing our students to go out into the world with recorders and microphones.


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