Interview skill charades and other radio-learning adventures

By Matthew Graber

On Friday, October 26, Philly Youth Radio had our third workshop of this season, and we had a great time. The students are hard at work developing their radio stories on the topic of “Love and relationships,” revealing details of their own lives which are, quite honestly, seldom explored, discussed, or even imagined by grown-ups like me.

But we don’t want Philly Youth Radio to only be about hard work. We’re also having a great time collaborating with this charismatic collective of courageous young adults. Take the activity that we did this past week: Interview skill charades. Students were given worksheets with tips for conducting a successful interview. The catch? Students and facilitators then had to demonstrate how to do – or not to do – the interview tips.

A few examples of the tips which we acted out with students:

“Record in the quietest place.”
“Put the people at ease: talk about the weather. Joke about the microphone.”
“Watch out for uh-huhs and laughter from yourself.”
“Maintain eye contact.”
“Push for specific stories and telling details rather than generic impressions or positions.”

We feel confident about our students’ stories, and that they’re gaining the skills to craft and share them. Soon they’ll be taking recorders home, collecting sounds, and conducting interviews for their stories.

Thanks for following our work!


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