A Very PYR Showcase: Stories and Goodbyes

Yep. It’s true. We made it to the final showcase at WHYY!

Philly Youth Radio Showcase 20

But before we unveil this season’s stories, we want to share some of our celebration with you, mainly through the amazing pictures that photographer Carina Giamerese took for us.

Philly Youth Radio Showcase 01

The evening got off to a great start. We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to fill the huge WHYY auditorium, but we did! Supporters, volunteers, friends, family, and students joined us for a night of youth media. After screening their stories on love and relationships, Dinh, Jaya, and Yingci came up on stage for a behind-the-scenes panel discussion on their stories and reporting process. They answered questions like pros – even the ones from the audience!

Philly Youth Radio Showcase 07

Philly Youth Radio Showcase 09

Then, Beth and I talked about what Philly Youth Radio has meant to us over the years, how we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our students, and why the project will be on hiatus for now. We ended the night with shout-outs, a Philly Youth Radio tradition where we appreciate people for specific things and then snap fingers. Of course, our students got the final, biggest shout-out – as well as certificates, roses, and their stipends.

Philly Youth Radio Showcase 15

And there you have it! Another successful season of Philly Youth Radio wrapped up. We’re so glad you joined us for the ride and are excited to present our stories to you. Enjoy!

Philly Youth Radio Showcase 22

“To Date or Not to Date – That is the Chinese Immigrant Teenager’s Question” by Yingci Chen

PYR – Yingci from aidan un on Vimeo.

“What Twilight Didn’t Teach Me About Love” by Jaya Montague

PYR – Jaya from aidan un on Vimeo.

“Head Over Heels for Cooking” by Dinh To

PYR – DINH from aidan un on Vimeo.


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