Meet our staff:

YOWEI SHAW, Director and Lead Educator

Yowei Shaw is an independent audio producer and youth radio educator. She has reported for Studio 360, NPR Weekend Edition Sunday, WXPN, and Philadelphia City Paper. She has produced documentaries on flash mobs and tango dancing, and is the creator of “Pursuing Justice,” a Juvenile Law Center podcast that explores issues facing young people in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. In 2011, she founded Philly Youth Radio, in response to the alarming levels of school violence in the city.

BETH PATEL,  Coordinator

Beth Patel is a budding independent audio producer. She studied political science at Haverford College. She has worked with various community radio stations in Indonesia, Radio Times with Mary Moss-Coane on WHYY, and The Prometheus Radio Project. She has worked with Philly Youth Radio since its inception in 2011.   This summer she is working on an audio documentary and mapping project about the effects of mass incarceration on communities in Philadelphia, thanks to a Leeway Grant. She is also the Youth Media Organizer for the Philadelphia Student Union.


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